Welcome to NGAW 2019 – Let’s bravely bust the taboo

Welcome to NGAW 2019 –
Let’s bravely bust the taboo


Welcome to the UK’s first National Grief Awareness Week website (NGAW), where we hope to try and normalise grief and get people talking about this typically uncomfortable subject on a national platform.

Our vision is to offer a toolkit of support from DAY ONE for anyone suffering a bereavement, anywhere in the country.

This campaign is driven by The Good Grief Trust, the UK’s leading umbrella charity which is bringing all UK bereavement services, support organisations and helplines together under one central database for the bereaved and those working with them. 

Julia Samuel; “it isn’t the circumstances of the death that will predict a positive or negative outcome, it is the support they get at the time and after the death This is the key component to anybody finding a way to rebuild their life.”


Help us to #OPEN UP TO GRIEF

During National Grief Awareness Week 2019 – 2nd – 8th December. please post a photo of yourself holding a message with the name of the person who has died. Add our hashtags #OpenUpToGrief and #NGAW19 and share on all your social media platforms.

Our mission

  • To help the bereaved feel acknowledged and understood
  • To help those grieving and the professionals working with them, to find the support they need NOW
  • To help those supporting their grieving friends and family to know what to say and do 
  • To help the smaller support organisations raise their profile and reach those in need in the community 

Help us to help them